Smile! Smiling isn’t a sign of weakness, is it?

I was training last week and the manager had said that. As simple as it was, it made me think because how many of us smile on a daily basis with that thought in mind? Whenever I’m out, I feel like my smile is more of a form of surrender or kind of like a mini invitation. I smile more now because I used to keep this grim look on my face knowing that if I did, no one would talk to me and that was kind of what I wanted back then.  In a sense, smiling was an indication that my guard was down and that I was available to say ‘hi’ to or start conversation.

Never in my life have I heard someone inadvertantly descibe a smile as being a stregnth. Technically I’ve never thought of it that way because a smile doesn’t necessarily scream ‘stregnth’ in certain situations. Sometimes we smile to seem less intimidating. Intimidation felt by others is often felt because we think someone is stronger than us, so naturally they’re smiling to seem less of that, or to kind of have a very basic facial expression to relate to. If I see someone intimidating smile at me, I naturally feel at ease because I realize they’re not going to kill me with their words or arms. This makes me want to smile back because they’ve momentarily come to my level by giving me the most basic form of kindness.

Also, because smiling is such a basic act with so much power, it could be used as a weapon rather than a white flag. If someone’s trying to piss you off and you smile the entire time, it’s a really good way to piss them off instead. Their goal was to piss you off and you blasted that smile like one million pocahontas arrows, and they’re emotionally bleeding outwardly and internally now. All the result of you smiling. . . .I’ve come encounter with many people that have been sad at times, and me smiling at them (they said this, not me, I’m not that full of myself. . .) made their day better.

In both ways, a smile can be a weakness and a stregnth, I guess. Although, thinking of it as a stregnth is new to me, I feel like I might think that way more often. After I heard that statement though,  it made me think about what a smile can really do, rather than being a sheer visual for vulnerability or surrender. It can be way more than that.


Today, my frie…

Today, my friends took my work laptop and changed the sounds. Now, whenever I remove a USB device, a woman’s voice screams “Put it back!” and when I insert a USB device, it says “Oh, you need to push it in harder!” I don’t know how to change it back. FML


This one was my favorite because only truly tech savvy people could do this! O.O and it’s so awesome. I’m sure it took a very short amount of time, but they still did it. . . And it was still very cool. . .and perverted. 

Today, I was at…

Today, I was at Walmart. A guy in a mobility scooter bumped into me, then told me to “get the fuck out of the way.” When I told him to watch his mouth, he got up and shoved me into a shelf. Just a few minutes prior, he’d yelled that he was paralyzed from the waist down. FML


This one was one of my favorites from a recent post that went up yesterday. Just for the record, weird things and people can always be found at Walmart. You’ve got people with very ‘eccentric’ clothes on and people who have very awkward body proportions and people who wear clothing that doesn’t fit them. You’ve also got crazy people, like the man above in the FML story, who go bat shit and attack people. It’s the perfect place for crazy, weird, and awkward people. I honestly would’ve tried to hit him back. CLEARLY he was not paralyzed from the waist down, therefore I’d have no remorse :T  

“The truth is r…

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” -Oscar Wilde

When reading this, I found that I agreed with that statement. When the truth is unveiled, it’s hardly ever unsurprising or uneventful. Society seems to be deep into covering up truths or making them disepate briefly in order to protect the public, or more likely themselves. An excellent example would be the education system. I know the topic is not exactly one too close to the current season, but Thanksgiving has always been fondly known to young children as a peaceful gathering between the native americans and the pilgrims. This is a perfect example because it was a lie to cover up our actions, as well as to protect the faint hearts of young people. In actuality, around that time, a massacre occurred with many dead and raped native americans: there was no turkey, no one held hands unless they were holding on for dear life in attempts of staying alive. To make it more pleasant, a more picturesque, pagan-like holiday was created to neatly stow away the actual events that occurred: how convenient. . . .but it works as a representation that the truth is just as Wilde had described: ‘rarely pure and never simple’