Life Update: Moving in and project update

I’ve been through the moving/adjusting process, so I haven’t posted much. Moving in was definitely new and semi exciting. I’ve never lived in an apartment before, but it’s not bad. My roommates are nice and the bus stop isn’t incredibly far away, which I appreciate very much so. I did attempt to walk to campus, and it gave me new perspective on the meaning of hurt and tired. . .and the meaning of regular exercise that I should be doing. The new campus I’m on is already gigantic, so I just feel like I’m crossing an entire planet to get where I need to be (makes me miss my other university already. . .)

In terms of projects, the art book was halted because of lack of editing equipment (a laptop) and lack of any money at all to publish it. I will be getting a lap top soon, curtousy of my dad (thank you, dad :)) and I’ve created a 60 day indiegogo campaign for it to try and raise money. If anyone on here is interested in donating even the smallest chunk of money at all, it’s appreciated. I’m still trying to figure out a perk to give for those that donate more than a dollar. It will most likely be a mini artist care package that I would put together myself with a sketch book and some tools I suggest in my book. I obviously don’t have money to give everyone prisma colored pencils, as much as I’d love to, but I’m hoping most of the kit at least acts a starter for those who don’t really draw a ton to begin with.

Also, if you do decide to donate, the goal says $500, but that’s because indiegogo will not let me ask for less. . .so if I, for whatever reason, get to $500 or even $200,  the rest will be given to Marwen, the organization that will be receiving half the profit from the project.

For those who haven’t seen anything about my artbook project:

For those want to donate:

For those who want to know more about or donate to Marwen:

And at the bottom of this will be my lovely face as well as some new drawings and photos for the art book.  . . .do the pictures make you want to donate more???? O.O (the drawings, not my face. . .and I was joking. . .)







Project Update

I was kind of silent last week because I had too many things to think about. I was and still am in creative block mode and am trying to push through it. I’m on the last portion of the book that I’ve been working on and I’m trying to figure out ways to make it more user/everyone friendly. I don’t want people to feel like they’re 5 reading or looking at what I’ve given them. I’ve been drawing to find ways to make the creative brainstorm portion of the book more informative and. . .it’s surprisingly very difficult and I can’t think of anything so I’ve been doodling my little heart out so that I can unearth some ideas. Most of what I’ve added to this post was inspired by Brandon Boyd’s work that I’ve been using to get inspired (despite it not emulating his work well AT ALL. . .but that’s because his work is amazing so. . .yeah) I’ve also considered using another social platform to promote my project, mostly because I don’t want to use Tumblr and partially because the few I’ve been using don’t really work well and I don’t have a large enough following to get anywhere with them when the project is finished at the end of the month. Hopefully I can finish this soon and have something physically tangible to promote in August. Kind of hard to promote something that doesn’t quite exist in book form yet because it seems less believable that it’ll actually turn into something. . .to me at least.





Project #1 Update

I’ve been continuing to make drafts for the project and am now working on the hardest portion, which is more of the tools and tutorial portion. I spent most of yesterday piecing together an example for brainstorming and using references to create different concepts. What I drew for that is what you’ll see at the very bottom. Also, for anyone who didn’t read my life post last Friday, I officially found a organization to give to. It’s called Marwen and creates art programs for students from 6 through 12. They have experienced artist dedicate their time to teaching these students and also provide courses that help them prep for standardized testing and college. Here’s link to the website if you’re interested in volunteering or giving:

For those who didn’t read about my project, here’s a link to that also:




The reference I used for this can be seen here:

Life Update

This week was very unproductive, but I got a good majority of things done at the same time. (It makes sense. . .eventually.) I’ve made progress on editing and drafting my project and it’s gotten difficult, but it’s surreal to actually be working on it and making real progress. I’m excited 😀

I finally found an organization to donate to. It’s called Marwen and is an organization in Chicago that offers free art courses and college prep to students between grade 6 to 12. They are able to get help from experienced artists and learn career building tools and testing strategies. I wanted them to be my first option because I grew up in Illinois and saw how much impact the program had there. I didn’t grow up in Chicago, but I love programs like that because it gives kids that don’t have the resources and funds to have a chance to be successful and fulfill their dreams.

Now that I have that solidified, I can say it takes one more thing off the long list of things I need to do to make this book a living thing. It’s been a discouraging process, but I’m determined regardless of the outcome 🙂

Here’s the link to Marwen’s website:

Here’s an explanation of my project if you missed it:

UPDATE: apologies for all the errors for those that read this already. I forget to proof read my blog posts sometimes. . .I fixed them though 😀


Summer Project #1: Art Book

WARNING: This post is painfully long and kind of emotional, so if you have time for neither, wait to read this . . .or just read something really uplifting and positive. Chris Martin’s blog ( is perfect for it. If you do read this, read his blog after. . .it’s great. . .and I’m not talking about the lead singer of Coldplay, if there was any confusion. . .


I don’t really want to talk about it as if I’m trying to sell it, but in some capaciity
I have to in order to promote this project in hopes of it actually helping someone else besides myself. I’m really sheepish about sharing things I work on because I’m almost convinced someone’s going to knock me down or tell me something discouraging, but I’ve probably recieved enough of that at this point to be able to share something. Instead of beating around this with words, I will now explain *crosses legs and begins*:

I’ve started creating an outline and draft for an art book I want to publish in a few months. At first, I wanted to make it like a very cheap coffee table book of all of my drawings and work. Kind of like a fancy picture book. I realized, though, that I wouldn’t gain much satisfaction out of that because it was too ‘me’ orientated. It also didn’t serve as a challenge. If anything, it just seemed like a really cheap way to tangible vanity, and it took me awhile to realize my pipe dream needed some revision.

I want  to help someone in some way and I want it to be simple, like myself. Although I know a portion of it will have to involve me introducing myself and showing some of my progress,  I want a good portion of it to be me sharing things that I’ve learned in hopes that it helps someone. The way I draw certain things are different and some have said (meaning a few friends) have called it unique and interesting. Some have also asked me how I do it and a 5 minute explanation isn’t exactly enough at times. I could imagine that what I have to share might help a few people. Honestly, if it even helped one, that would be a blessing in itself. It would mean that what I had to give was worth giving.

I will be using vanity publishing (irony) to make this book a real thing. No matter how many actually get sold, for each that is, half of the proceeds will go to a charity that is still pending. I’m still researching a few because I’ve read that there are organizations that have an uneven distribution of funds, and I don’t want to blindly donate money somewhere without knowing where everything’s going.

Those were some of my ‘revisions’, which have actually made this project harder and that’s a good thing. I feel like it’s a small, but extensive way to make a difference. I’ve never been able to do things for myself. Not because I wasn’t given the opportunity, but because it didn’t feel right. I’m not exactly ‘God’s gift to society’ by any stretch of the imagination, but I have such a need to help people. Giving has always been more gratifying to me than receiving. Don’t get me wrong, I love presents and things, but if I could choose to be Santa for the rest of my life, I would gain another 150 pounds so fast it’s not even funny.

This book is kind of my version of giving and it’s been something I’ve thought about for months now that’s actually coming to a reality on paper. . . .wrinkled computer paper, but still. . .real paper. In a lot of ways, I didn’t want this book to seem like self promotion of my artwork or some weird way to showcase that I am some human genie lamp and that if you rub me you can be as ‘amazingly talented’ as me. If anything, that’s what I’m afraid of. That my intentions will seem clouded and that  people will think that I’m really just doing it for my own self fulfillment. It’s also what’s been keeping me from being able to go through with it.

The girl discipleling me from my university explained something to me that helps me continue working on this project. She said that God, no matter what the capacity, has a way of shaping our intentions to serve him, which is the ultimate goal at the end of the day (if your religious). So, no matter what intent is behind it, it will, in some way serve a purpose in leading people to Him. Granted, this book isn’t about God specifically, but my intention is to help others in a way that I never thought was really possible. Whether it were some subconcious way to ‘self promote’, I feel like I’d still make some sort of difference by both giving a new perspective on creativity and giving to a charity that’s passion for a cause supercedes any selfish hidden agenda I have to make myself look “awesome”. For once, I want to use my creativity and art to make a difference rather than just make detailed posters for the walls of my dorm room. If the thing I do with my hands is something God wants to use to help other people, then I feel like this is a start to embrace that.

For those that read this and didn’t get totally bombarded by my freakish out cry for moral support for this project, thank you. I do want to use this as a way to both let people know that it exists and have potential people that are interested, but I really need a well of moral support more than anything right now. Something is really getting in the way of me doing this. I have no idea why either, but it is. Just someone simply giving me a critique on any progress I post or saying ‘it looks like it’s going okay’ is great and more than I could ask for.

Also, for anyone that’s religious and feels like what I’m doing is the direct opposite of what I should be doing in the eyes of God, also helpful. I may be a Christian, but as I get older, I realize that I’ve had to change the ways I percieve what it means to uphold God on a daily basis.

This was an extremely long entry for my first summer project and I promise the second one won’t be as long. I also promise that more interesting things about the project will be posted. Whoever read this, thank you so much. I appreciate you.