Praise Thursdays: Starbucks Double Shots

Again, I believe I’ve done a post pertaining to this already, but I continue to praise them because I only need 2 cans of it to feel energized for hours on end. I drink less coffee now, so I’ve downsized to one (my body can’t withstand the strength of caffeine and I actually get the jitters, it’s so weird), but it’s good for any college student looking for a good boost at about 3 AM 😀


Praise Thursdays: Red Lipstick

I will confess that as much as I look like Ronald McDonald’s sister in it, I love it and am continuing to learn how both use it and make it look better on my face. I have big lips (courtesy of my mother) and I have trouble both shaping and lining my lips, but no matter how odd it looks, I still wear it in the most appropriate times and as much as I can IF I can. It’s an incredibly rich and sophisticated color of lipstick, whether it’s dark or bright. It’s absolutely gorgeous on people that are equally or more gorgeous and is a really fun color to play with. I don’t wear make up to impress or make myself look better, I wear make up for fun, it’s like adult finger paints for me, so red lipstick is like a big red crayon haha