Life Update: Moving in and project update

I’ve been through the moving/adjusting process, so I haven’t posted much. Moving in was definitely new and semi exciting. I’ve never lived in an apartment before, but it’s not bad. My roommates are nice and the bus stop isn’t incredibly far away, which I appreciate very much so. I did attempt to walk to campus, and it gave me new perspective on the meaning of hurt and tired. . .and the meaning of regular exercise that I should be doing. The new campus I’m on is already gigantic, so I just feel like I’m crossing an entire planet to get where I need to be (makes me miss my other university already. . .)

In terms of projects, the art book was halted because of lack of editing equipment (a laptop) and lack of any money at all to publish it. I will be getting a lap top soon, curtousy of my dad (thank you, dad :)) and I’ve created a 60 day indiegogo campaign for it to try and raise money. If anyone on here is interested in donating even the smallest chunk of money at all, it’s appreciated. I’m still trying to figure out a perk to give for those that donate more than a dollar. It will most likely be a mini artist care package that I would put together myself with a sketch book and some tools I suggest in my book. I obviously don’t have money to give everyone prisma colored pencils, as much as I’d love to, but I’m hoping most of the kit at least acts a starter for those who don’t really draw a ton to begin with.

Also, if you do decide to donate, the goal says $500, but that’s because indiegogo will not let me ask for less. . .so if I, for whatever reason, get to $500 or even $200,  the rest will be given to Marwen, the organization that will be receiving half the profit from the project.

For those who haven’t seen anything about my artbook project:

For those want to donate:

For those who want to know more about or donate to Marwen:

And at the bottom of this will be my lovely face as well as some new drawings and photos for the art book.  . . .do the pictures make you want to donate more???? O.O (the drawings, not my face. . .and I was joking. . .)







Life Update: Brief Absence

My posting hasn’t been extremely frequent, but it’s because of an extreme lack of motivation. Have you ever been so close to finishing something that the thought of its finality kind of hangs over you and makes you want to delay it being finished?: yeah, I’m going through a lot of that. My art book project is nearly finished and my story was halted by a fear of finishing the letter I started (I’ll be posting that after this). I also just wasn’t sure what else to write about beside my projects and things. I didn’t even feel like my life was worth writing about, but I finally got some energy and will be posting a bunch of things tonight (by a bunch, I mean two or three more posts after this). At the end of this post is my sun shiny face while drawing and drinking coffee. The shot was not purposeful, I just felt like taking a selfie. . . . .it happens sometimes. . . .


Life Update: Sickness . . . .

I was sick all weekend. My allergies slapped me in the face for the last three days, so I was incapacitated for a good couple of days getting absolutely nothing done. I have nothing to show for the project except what I worked on Monday through Wednesday and couldn’t even think of anything for my Friday and Saturday posts. . . .I will do better this week, seeing that more will get done I will not be sick. Hopefully everyone reading this had a good, germ free weekend.

Life Update

This week was very unproductive, but I got a good majority of things done at the same time. (It makes sense. . .eventually.) I’ve made progress on editing and drafting my project and it’s gotten difficult, but it’s surreal to actually be working on it and making real progress. I’m excited 😀

I finally found an organization to donate to. It’s called Marwen and is an organization in Chicago that offers free art courses and college prep to students between grade 6 to 12. They are able to get help from experienced artists and learn career building tools and testing strategies. I wanted them to be my first option because I grew up in Illinois and saw how much impact the program had there. I didn’t grow up in Chicago, but I love programs like that because it gives kids that don’t have the resources and funds to have a chance to be successful and fulfill their dreams.

Now that I have that solidified, I can say it takes one more thing off the long list of things I need to do to make this book a living thing. It’s been a discouraging process, but I’m determined regardless of the outcome 🙂

Here’s the link to Marwen’s website:

Here’s an explanation of my project if you missed it:

UPDATE: apologies for all the errors for those that read this already. I forget to proof read my blog posts sometimes. . .I fixed them though 😀


I’m back and I’m old . . .

Hello to everyone who will probably see this post pop into their feed and be like, ‘I remember her! She wrote stuff that was kind of okay and I was into it. . .what does she have to say now?’

This post is more of a catch up and future plans post, so it might be boring or exciting depending on how eager you are to hear about my life and what I’ve been doing the past year or so. . .

The last time I wrote a post was last summer, and after that I was hit with school pretty fast. I had the struggle of new science courses and things, so I was pretty much on the verge of dying. The year was filled with academic struggle, some health issues, some friend issues, some work issues (someone actually gave me a job. . .it was exciting while it lasted. . .), and some transferring issues. Some majorly new things are theeeese:

1) I was discipled for a semester and am still being discipled and it’s great O.O

2) I am transferring to a school in texas and. . .I’m not happy about it, but life happens

3) I’ve started two summer projects that I will be going into more depth about it in a few days. For one of those projects, it would be great if I could get some type of support through this medium (and, yes, moral support counts)

4) I’ve had an ulcer for awhile and I’ve lost a very large amount of weight because of it. I’m not a skeleton, but I’ve become less chubby in places. . .not a bad thing.

5) My major has officially aged me, so I . . . .really look like my mom. That’s not a bad thing, my mom’s pretty. . .I just thought I had some youth left in me. My glow has faded *tear*

The overall structure for this blog will be more of a personal set up. On Mondays and Wednesdays I’ll be sharing project progress, if any. Fridays I’ll be sharing my week and Saturdays will be days that I’ll actually be posting interesting things I find or tips on things. If you enjoy this blog, please send comments to me on things to post for Saturdays. There were a handful of people that like my opinion posts, and my posts where I was trying to be funny, so I might do some of that, but, for those reading this, let me know. I could talk about serious things, but I’m very much a typical ignorant person when I say that I’m pretty behind on current events because of how bogged down I get with things in my own life. I get stuck in a mental bubble and forget the world exists sometimes, so I have to do a pause and go through articles to catch up on all the world and political things I missed within an 8 or 9 month period. I’m also not terribly bright. . .so my opinion my not have a ton of depth when it comes to that sort of thing either. I just can’t do the ‘smart’.

I’m definitely glad to be back. I miss writing posts and reading other people’s blogs. It was really fun keeping up with this and seeing people comment on my blog and actually follow it. Hopefully I can keep up with it this time.

Here is a picture of my 20 year old face . . .you’re welcome?


I’M BACK . . .sort of

I took a brief and not-yet-done hiatus from this blog. Why?: because I needed a break from constantly missing the days I intended to blog and because the end of my first year of college took a toll right to my soul (I rhymed just then. . .). I’ve obviously have been back home for the last few months and absolutely nothing had gone as planned. I was supposed to work in a hospital: didn’t happen. I was supposed to do summer courses: didn’t happen. I was supposed to finish all my creative projects: sort of happened . . .-ish. I pretty much ended up either on my ass or cleaning somewhere for most of this summer. . .very sad, and terrible, but mostly sad. I thought maybe I could come back with a few decent posts that are not only reflective for me, but helpful for those dealing with a summer similar to mine, going into their first year of college, as well as share some of the ‘cool’ (but not really. . .) Things I did this summer. This will be the most I post . . .ever and after this I will probably become extremely quiet again and maybe try to figure out a better way to keep this running without flaking every five seconds. Everything needs some type of system, right? And I’m sure I can find one for this. . .maybe 🙂