This Week’s Topic/Bitch Mondays: Teaching Value

I know. . .it’s not Monday 😦 BUT I spent awhile on this post because it happened to be something I’ve wanted to talk about for awhile. The topic of the week will be more of things and people I’m into, so it’ll be really random. Still trying to figure out how to post my life post because there are so many pictures O.O but that’ll happen sooner than later.

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As a child, I was probably taught this a little too much. My dad would constantly tell me what cost money, like electricity and water and heat and food. . .he never gave exact cost, yet he’d always ask me if I knew how much this or that was and, of course, I’d respond with, ‘No’, but as a kid it made me more conscious about what I used and how much of it I used. Making sure I valued what I had knowing it was expensive or that it cost two arms and three legs, wherever the third one came from.

I’m not saying all parents should approach their children this way, I feel like it’s harsh and doesn’t really give them much to think about in terms of understanding the concept of worth and value. If anything, when I’m a parent some day, I’d probably try to do it a little differently, being careful not to have them burdened with that thought. Although it helped me understand value, it also made me understand when my family ‘had it’ and we didn’t, leading me to have a fear of asking for things because if a utility shut off, I’d assume we didn’t have anything and, as a 10 year old, to me that meant I might not be able to ask for certain things and always asked for less than what I’d get. I’d ask for a journal and end up with an ice cream making machine or I’d get boots when I asked for a locket. My parents were really weird when it came to that, they felt that, because I did so well in school as a kid and made a good effort a majority of the time that I deserved more, which leads into more of what I’d like to bitch about.

I can’t say that a majority of parents do this, but often times some people just like to give their kids stuff. Not because they earned it or deserve it, but because they feel good spirited and naturally want to show their love. What parent doesn’t want to give their kid the moon and the sun if they have the financial means to do so?: it’s only natural. I think it becomes a problem when you do it too much, allowing the child to think they can get whatever they ask for without properly earning it. I don’t have kids, but I have five siblings that have a problem with this sometimes, like my brother who’s closest in age to me. He’s about 12 and he just doesn’t get it. My dad will tell all of my siblings that if they clean what he tells them too, they are free for the entire weekend and can do whatever they want. Even with added incentive, my brother still acts like bleach, a bucket and a rag is the worst thing to exist on the planet and at the end of the day, he’s still sitting on the bathroom floor complaining about how it’s ‘not fair that everyone else gets to go do what they want’ after they’ve cleaned for about 2 hours and he’s spent that time sitting on the floor, pouting like a five year old. He acts this way, though, because after he’s pouted and slowly finished his work and he’s done a half-assed job at that, my dad STILL let’s him play video games for hours.

His general thoughts are this:

‘Why do I have to do this if you’re just going to give me what I want regardless of what I do/how I do it?’

My parents (dad sometimes. . .) Has difficulties maintaining discipline, so now and then, my siblings get spoiled. I’ve also seen this in action with other children, where their parents tell them no and they just lose all of their physical and metaphorical shit and end up crying and screaming on the ground for no real reason. Granted, my siblings wouldn’t do that in public, in fear of being physically disciplined (that’s just how my parents do it sometimes. Not abusive or anything, just like. . .a spanking) Regardless, it kind of angers me slightly that some parents, as well as my own, do this and then expect certain actions from their children that really shouldn’t be expected given the situation and circumstance. If you have children in the future, teach them that they have to earn it, that the things they have carry worth and value before it’s too late O.O or, at least, so they don’t get their feelings hurt in the future.

Again, I’m no parent, I’m just a big sister, so my approach may be skewed (everyone’s got a perspective. . .) But this is how I’d approach it and how I’d wish others would.

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Again, if there are errors point it out. Remember, if you see it, say it 🙂


Bitch Mondays: Speeches

I’m terrified of speeches and there are a few reasons why:

#1: I don’t like being looked at

#2: I get nervous when I am the main focus

#3: Talking to human beings in general makes me slightly nervous on a daily basis

I just recently got a speech back from my communications class and I got a B-. . .the teacher decided to be extra nice to me. . .My first speech, I actually got an ‘A’, but that’s because my topic was way more personal and I was comfortable with it. The second speech I chose a topic that A: I wasn’t passionate about and B: I was no where near experienced or comfortable with. It was on batteries. . .which isn’t really my expertise. . . .I almost died giving that speech and I’m lucky to come out of it with a ‘B-‘. . .if I picked something I knew more about, I would have died a little less, and probably would’ve ended up with an ‘A’, but that ‘A’ would’ve came from the writing, not the performance. . .because I’m not good at it. . .which I’m okay with because I’m going to be a Medical Examiner so. . . .I won’t have to give speeches O.O