Hello šŸ™‚

I’m DiAnre’ Lazarus and I’m an 20 year old college student who’s merely looking for something new to make use of time. I’m not spectacular at writing, but I love it. I also love to draw and play the violin as well. I’m a hobbyist, clearly.

My blog’s meant to intrigue, entertain, and amuse. You’ll see facts and writing about people/things currently in pop culture, from different eras, or even just plain people that you see every day each week. Fun facts and music will be shared with fillers in between. Fridays and weekends I’ll reserve for tid bits of my life for those with great interest and for those who’d just like to poke their noses into my world. I’d also like to share a few ‘funnies’ here and there ever so often. This blog is meant to be a little piece of everything thrown in together. My ‘electronic closet’ if you will. Full of people/things I enjoy and people/things that I don’t know that I’d hope to share with every and anyone. If you enjoy my blog, I appreciate it. Thank you for humoring crazy.


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