My Life: End of the Week Celebration

I barely made it through this week. . .  .but it’s the end and I’m one whole human. I have all my toes, eyes, and other organs. I also am not standing in my own urine. . .which means that I didn’t get nervous enough to pee myself, because everybody hates smelling like that. No one really wants that . . .at least normal people don’t. . .

I had training for a new job this week, so it was intense. I now know every single dipping sauce, wing flavor, and specials plate at the restaurant I work at and yet and still. . .I have no idea what goes on our side salad. Luckily, we were not tested today so I rejoiced like nobodies business. I also met someone intensely amazing last weekend and spent a large portion of time talking to them and it was pretty cool. I feel like I don’t open up to people enough, and I was instantly spread out for this person (that sounded weird after I typed it. . .it’s not what it sounds like O.O)

I managed to actually get project work done today, but will be testing some parts out to see if my tutorial section can be easily followed and mimicked by others. I’m hoping it works out . . . .I’m excited O.O I will have a seriously riveting post for tomorrow and I’m excited for that also O.O even though it’ll just be me ranting. . . .


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