Summer Tips

I forgot to post yesterday and Saturday,  so today will be me posting more than I usually do to compensate. I’ve been trying to keep my weight under control and wrote this for anyone trying to do the same. I hope it helps 🙂

My ulcer has forced me to be on some sort of work out regiment. I have a tendency to get off track, but I’ve mentally prepared a lot of things that I’ve carried with me through my first couple years of college that have helped me both lose/maintain weight, at least, when I was doing what I was supposed to do. I also have tips that I’ve started using now that really help as well.

1. Don’t starve yourself

I have been given the advice that you should eat decent portioned meal with a good serving of fruit, vegetables, protein, and whatever else, but don’t eat a cracker, a strawberry, a piece of brocolli, and a slice of ham and call it lunch. You are supposed to leave some room in your belly. So you shouldn’t feel stuff, but should barely feel full, leaving you SLIGHTLY HUNGRY. Not starving. I say this because some people do create unrealistic meals like that and crash. Then the next day they eat pizza because they think they can’t do it. No. . .that’s not why. They can’t do it because they’re depriving their body of food. You also have to keep in mind that if your someone that eats a lot, and your body’s used to eating that way than its necessary for you to gradually down size your meals. Don’t go cold turkey and get on some crazy diet. Replace your normal go to snacks and meals with healthy things you genuinely like and work from there.

2. Drink water. . .plenty of it

This is a given, but if you drink water before your meal, or even at the start of your day, it helps. It curbs your appetite slightly and helps everything move smoothly on the inside. I also recently learned that sometimes hunger pains can be confused with the feeling of thirst, which happen to be the same. If you find yourself hungry after a meal, it might not be hunger, but simply your body’s need to be hydrated.

3. Pick a workout you don’t hate

I’ve realized that I hate running. You could try to get me to run for food or something new and shiny, but, unless I’m getting graded for it, I’m not doing it O.O I dislike it with a passion because it’s not engaging and I look like a dying panda when I do it. This has forced me to find a new way to do cardio and work other parts of my body in different ways. I’m in love with Zumba, and my parents bought a kinects  awhile ago, so that’s what I used to do for cardio. Now, I lift weights and do yoga. I’ve read articles saying that yoga takes care of mostly everything because it works your body in fifty million different ways, but I’ve also just tried doing jumping jacks because I don’t want to run. . .I would suggest doing the following if you also hate running:

-jumping jacks
-high knees
-bicycle crunches

4. If you can’t make it, find it

What this means is if you can’t make a personal work out plan yourself, find one. I sympathize with those that are too lazy to make one and there’s a couple ways I know that makes that easy. gives you templates and workout lay outs to set up work outs for yourself. I also think pinterest is a wonderland for work out plans (I’ll put a few below for those that aren’t hip to pinterest because I discovered it a few months ago, so there’s no telling)

5. Patience is key

Patience is the ultimate thing to keep in mind. That was one reason why I didn’t do well when trying to maintain my weight in highschool. I was really impatient and was looking for immediate results. I wanted to look like Beyoncé when I woke up the next morning and that just wasn’t happening. Being patient and understanding that physical changes to the body take time is the only way you’re going to get through this.

6. Accept the way you look

This is important too. I know that working out is kind of based on how you want to shape yourself to look after, but, like I said in the last point, impatience sets in when. Immediate results aren’t seen. I’m not saying to get super comfortable if you’re in the process of trying to lose the weight, but just take a few mom ents to recognize that your body’s a beautiful thing. Your body may take time to become that perfect victoria secret shape you want, but it’s helpful to take a step back and realize that the skin you’re in is okay and that there’s more to this physical transition than what you think. I learned to do this recently because I would work out and look at my body afterwards and just hate what I saw no matter what the scale read. Even me being lighter now, I still have deep seated body issues. It’s important to give yourself a mental hug and say ‘I love my body and will love it no matter how it looks/changes’.

7. Cut down on smoothies

I’m not an expert on the detox thing, but smoothies in general are kind of a no-no unless you plan to burn most of that in the gym an hour later. Fruits and vegetables are great for you, but when you blend them and condense them into one drink, you have to realize how many calories you’ve just pushed together and you also have to think about the nutrients you’ve just destroyed. Blending fruits and vegetables slightly diminishes the health value because it involves breaking down the natural composition of whatever you throw in it. It doesn’t mean you can’t get anything good out of it, it just means that you would probably get more eating the fruit itself verses blending it. Granted, I’m an advocate for Jamba Juice or places with fruit smoothies, but I realized after freshmen year that drinking a large one of those for breakfast and lunch actually made me gain weight when I thought I was being ‘healthy’. You could throw metabolism in there (mine is very slow) as well as other factors, but try to steer clear of them if your someone that doesn’t have time to work it off later.

8. Swap out bad snacks

I love replacing my  bad snacks because I can usually find a healthier option that tastes ten million times better. It’s easier than revamping your entire eating plan and it gives you room to indulge in something  that tastes good, but is still good for you.
Here are some things I eat at school to replace the bad things I like:
-Cocoa almonds
-Nuts and raisins
-veggie chips
-lentil chips
-apple chips
-Baby carrots
-Izzie/izz pop (I can’t remember the name. . .)
-Cliff Bars (more a last resort morning snack, because of the amount of sugar and carbs)
-fruit leather

They’re really easy to swap out with. When I can’t have a decent lunch or breakfast, those are perfect for me. I love eating a banana in the morning with a gigantic water bottle. I also love eating  veggie chips (specifically the ‘Way Better’ brand). Nuts and raisins are also my favorite. I realized that they fill me up within a few handfuls and make me feel happy 😀 Choose things that you know you like that are decently healthy for you or even try some that I listed. It makes being healthly less painful.

Hopefully some of these help. Summer time is usually when most people start trying to be healthy, or that’s what feels like to me. Try to stay healthy. . .a don’t die.


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