Life Update

This week was very unproductive, but I got a good majority of things done at the same time. (It makes sense. . .eventually.) I’ve made progress on editing and drafting my project and it’s gotten difficult, but it’s surreal to actually be working on it and making real progress. I’m excited 😀

I finally found an organization to donate to. It’s called Marwen and is an organization in Chicago that offers free art courses and college prep to students between grade 6 to 12. They are able to get help from experienced artists and learn career building tools and testing strategies. I wanted them to be my first option because I grew up in Illinois and saw how much impact the program had there. I didn’t grow up in Chicago, but I love programs like that because it gives kids that don’t have the resources and funds to have a chance to be successful and fulfill their dreams.

Now that I have that solidified, I can say it takes one more thing off the long list of things I need to do to make this book a living thing. It’s been a discouraging process, but I’m determined regardless of the outcome 🙂

Here’s the link to Marwen’s website:

Here’s an explanation of my project if you missed it:

UPDATE: apologies for all the errors for those that read this already. I forget to proof read my blog posts sometimes. . .I fixed them though 😀



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