Summer Project #2: The Alphabet of Life-ing

The explanation of this project is shorter than the explanation for the last one I posted. This one doesn’t involve reading the last post, but you still can if you’d like:

I’m writing a story that’s like a memoir, but through the perspective of someone else. It’s almost like I’m using a character to explain my inner thoughts and experience. There are many thoughts I have that I feel like I can’t express myself. This allows me to do that and end up with something really cool. Like the first project, I plan to do vanity publishing to accomplish this. Vanity publishing, for anyone who  doesn’t know, is a publishing method that involves using a distributor to sell and make your book. It’s different from normal publishing because you’re not going to an actual publisher, you have to find your editor and manage drafting on your own, and it takes less time because it’s for an immediate result rather than a long working process.

This one, I’ll actually be publishing on here as well. Each small chapter will be an alphabet letter and based on something that I’ve experienced or that I have an opinion on. I’ve tried to make the characters voice blend with mine to disconnect it, but I’ve started with my own in such a dominant way that I’d rather add more plot later in order to develop the character I’m using.

I’ve never wanted to publish anything that I’ve written because I feel like anything I write isn’t good enough, but my best friend has probably been the largest supporter in both of my projects and she’s the reason I want to pursue this. I thank her for giving me the confidence to take on these projects.

Another thing I’d like to add is that I’ll also be taking some of the profit from this book to give to a charity. I want this book to contribute something to someone or something else and not just myself. I’ll be posting new chapters every tuesday. After this post, I’ll be putting up letter ‘A’ tonight. Sometimes the small chapters will be delayed because I’ve been writing based off of when I can remember a moment or a feeling the  best. Hopefully you guys enjoy my story. There is some cussing, so apologies to those that may be offended by that. I’ll be adding asterisks to make it more reader friendly for those that are uncomfortable with that.


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