Alphabet of Life-ing: Apology

This is the beginning chapter. Although it seems counterintuitive to post my project on here, I feel like it helps to see how people recieved my writing in general. I hope you like it and feedback or advice is very welcome 🙂


This is my moment to apologize to you, but let me take a second to give a brief back story on why I need to do this:

I’m obnoxious, overexcited, loud, forgetful, whiny, and have emotions ranging from 1 to however many buttons are on a fruit ninja. Sometimes I can’t control that. Sometimes, I get so comfortable that a part of my brain says ‘yes, continue. You’re doing fine’ until society tells me otherwise seconds later. It’s made me realize that these are qualities that are attached to me. Whether I cover them up or try to get rid of them, they happen to spontaneously pop out. For this reason, I try to be as apologetic for myself as possible. My personality has broken a friendship, annoyed the living essence out of people, and shown me that I cannot and should not grace anyone with my presence unless given direct confirmation that it’s even appropriate or acceptable to do that. I condense myself to help make people say ‘oh, well she’s not great, but she’s not annoying’.

The idea of being basic has become my mantra because I choose to put myself into a box. Sure, it’s the equivalent to being a bagel and cream cheese, but who, besides someone who’s lactose intolerant, turns that down? Who really says ‘you know, that bagel and cream cheese just aggravates the hell out of me’ or ‘ that bagel and cream cheese is the last thing I’d choose for breakfast’. Unless you’re one of those people that believes that bagels are evil and bent on world domination, you accept it for what it is. You don’t necessarily look back at it, it’s not your first pick, and it’s definitely not exciting to look at or think about, but it’s okay enough to pass the standard of ‘average’. It doesn’t offend and  I strive to keep the goal of staying as basic as possible. It’s my apology to the world for my existence because of how irritating it can be for those sharing the same corner of the universe as myself.

For that, I take this moment to apologize to you. Yes, you reading this. No one asked you to peak in on this existence. No one signed you up to peak in on the life of Sara Wayte. You blindly looked through books, got trapped by the title, and thought ‘that’s quirky, I like that’. Now you’re stuck. You had the option to choose donuts, a banana, even a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice. What did you choose?: a bagel and cream cheese. I’m forever sorry for your decision and frankly, I’d like to say you have terrible taste, but you didn’t know. It’s okay, though. You’ll get through this somehow, if you stick around long enough.


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