I’m back and I’m old . . .

Hello to everyone who will probably see this post pop into their feed and be like, ‘I remember her! She wrote stuff that was kind of okay and I was into it. . .what does she have to say now?’

This post is more of a catch up and future plans post, so it might be boring or exciting depending on how eager you are to hear about my life and what I’ve been doing the past year or so. . .

The last time I wrote a post was last summer, and after that I was hit with school pretty fast. I had the struggle of new science courses and things, so I was pretty much on the verge of dying. The year was filled with academic struggle, some health issues, some friend issues, some work issues (someone actually gave me a job. . .it was exciting while it lasted. . .), and some transferring issues. Some majorly new things are theeeese:

1) I was discipled for a semester and am still being discipled and it’s great O.O

2) I am transferring to a school in texas and. . .I’m not happy about it, but life happens

3) I’ve started two summer projects that I will be going into more depth about it in a few days. For one of those projects, it would be great if I could get some type of support through this medium (and, yes, moral support counts)

4) I’ve had an ulcer for awhile and I’ve lost a very large amount of weight because of it. I’m not a skeleton, but I’ve become less chubby in places. . .not a bad thing.

5) My major has officially aged me, so I . . . .really look like my mom. That’s not a bad thing, my mom’s pretty. . .I just thought I had some youth left in me. My glow has faded *tear*

The overall structure for this blog will be more of a personal set up. On Mondays and Wednesdays I’ll be sharing project progress, if any. Fridays I’ll be sharing my week and Saturdays will be days that I’ll actually be posting interesting things I find or tips on things. If you enjoy this blog, please send comments to me on things to post for Saturdays. There were a handful of people that like my opinion posts, and my posts where I was trying to be funny, so I might do some of that, but, for those reading this, let me know. I could talk about serious things, but I’m very much a typical ignorant person when I say that I’m pretty behind on current events because of how bogged down I get with things in my own life. I get stuck in a mental bubble and forget the world exists sometimes, so I have to do a pause and go through articles to catch up on all the world and political things I missed within an 8 or 9 month period. I’m also not terribly bright. . .so my opinion my not have a ton of depth when it comes to that sort of thing either. I just can’t do the ‘smart’.

I’m definitely glad to be back. I miss writing posts and reading other people’s blogs. It was really fun keeping up with this and seeing people comment on my blog and actually follow it. Hopefully I can keep up with it this time.

Here is a picture of my 20 year old face . . .you’re welcome?



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