I’M BACK . . .sort of

I took a brief and not-yet-done hiatus from this blog. Why?: because I needed a break from constantly missing the days I intended to blog and because the end of my first year of college took a toll right to my soul (I rhymed just then. . .). I’ve obviously have been back home for the last few months and absolutely nothing had gone as planned. I was supposed to work in a hospital: didn’t happen. I was supposed to do summer courses: didn’t happen. I was supposed to finish all my creative projects: sort of happened . . .-ish. I pretty much ended up either on my ass or cleaning somewhere for most of this summer. . .very sad, and terrible, but mostly sad. I thought maybe I could come back with a few decent posts that are not only reflective for me, but helpful for those dealing with a summer similar to mine, going into their first year of college, as well as share some of the ‘cool’ (but not really. . .) Things I did this summer. This will be the most I post . . .ever and after this I will probably become extremely quiet again and maybe try to figure out a better way to keep this running without flaking every five seconds. Everything needs some type of system, right? And I’m sure I can find one for this. . .maybe 🙂


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