Liebster Award Nominee

This took a really freakin’ long time to do. . .somebody better read this O.O. . .


1) Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog

2) You must answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.

3) Nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.

I thank you again chistinayeshua ( and really appreciate it. I’ve never read your blog, but I’m sure it’s great 😀

1. What motivates you?

It really depends sometimes. I think what motivates what I do the most is my best friend and my family, as well as music and the things I love. Those are pretty powerful motivators in my life.

2. Name one weird thing about yourself.

I like . . .hands XD I love the way they look. Hard working hands especially. When you can tell the amount of work someone’s done through the callous and roughness of their hands or even just some minor scars shows an immense amount of character to me, personally.

3. What are your top ten dreams?

I don’t have a ton, but I’ll try to stretch it out with some ‘pipe’ dreams I have:

1. To be an artist

2. To be a medical examiner

3. To live in a small house in the middle of the forest . . . .that would be the house I’d like to retire in . . .don’t judge me. . .

4. Have a family

5. Live with my best friend for the rest of my life (quite unrealistic, but that would be pretty damn cool)

6. Own a Lotus (I hate driving. . .and yet I want this car for some God awful reason. . .it just looks really cool and I’d probably look hot inside of it lol)

7. To grow in my faith by the end of college

8. To maybe, possibly be mature enough to be in a relationship. . .that would be nice

9. To be less controlled by what other people wanted

10. To be fully comfortable with myself

. . .I feel like it got so serious to the bottom end. . .

4. What are you most afraid of?

The dark. . .and being alone because, for some reason, I couple those two together. I hate being left alone in the dark. I get really freaked out and just put my entire self under the covers because I’m frightened. . .of nothing lol

5. Make a list of the ten things you love the most.

1. My best friend and my family (they also kind of smoosh together)

2. God (I decided to change my mind about this one because God isn’t my #1 and I really want to work to change that, but I wanted to be honest and less cliche about it)

3. Drawing

4. Playing/making music

5. Thinking of ideas

6. Make-up

7. Music

8. Hugs

9. Kisses :3

10. Coffee X3

6. What do you think will make the world a better place to live in?

Understanding and . . .a less corrupted legal system in some areas of the world? I mean, Whether you’re in a developed or undeveloped world, the bar is tipped unequally to the point of serious desperation and poverty that kills millions. I feel like my idea wouldn’t work as well, but even taking something as small as that into consideration could at least benefit the world in one way.

7. What do you do to unwind?

I draw and lately I’ve been knitting and picking up hobbies to keep myself from punching a wall. It’s worked well.

8. Mention a few happy childhood memories of yours.

One in particular is when I rode an elephant with my dad at this carnival type place in Wisconsin. Another would be when my mom let me stay home from school when the weather was bad and we watched the movie Snow Day together. . . .ANOTHER one was when my mom would walk me to school in kindergarten in the winter. Her hands were so warm and she wore this huge brown coat and was in that pregnant waddling phase because she was carrying my first two siblings and I thought she was just the prettiest and roundest mommy ever and thought it was awesome that she walked me to school every day.

9. Your earliest memory?

My earliest memory involves me playing with a round pink ball in my grandpa’s living room and knocking over one of his vases lol and he yelled at me and I cried. Then, he took me to a Jamaican bakery and bought me a coconut square. . .because I was adorable.

10. Are you afraid of the future? Why/ Why not?

I’m very afraid of the future. Not knowing what’s going to happen in the next ten years kinda sucks and I have a plan in mind, but there’s really know telling what will get in the way of that. I may not get married and have to adopt, or I may change my major, or I may end up a hobo somewhere. . .I don’t really want the last one to happen, but there’s really no telling what could happen.

– – – – – –

These are a few I’ve decided to nominate and will let them know as soon as I post this, unless they already follow this and can see it. I really only have four that I picked because a large majority of the people I follow have WAY more than 200 followers. . .:





Questions for Nominees:

1. If you could be any fruit, what would it be and why?

2. What’s your favorite hobby?

3. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

4. What’s your favorite song?

5. Have you ever traveled a significant distance from home and, if so, where did you go?

6. Do you like fudge, and, if the answer is no, give a thorough explanation as to why O.O

7. What’s your favorite memory/moment?

8. Who acts as a role model in your life?

9. What’s your favorite childhood cartoon?

10. If you could change your name, what would it be?


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