Brief Explanation

Again, my life was kind of in the way between Thursday and the weekend, so I hit a flat line in my blog as well as communication with people that I need to call and text. My goal this year was to keep this blog going 😀 as well as be ‘polite’ when informing those who passively/non-passively read my blog that I wouldn’t be posting. I blog on more of a schedule and theme base, so it’s hard to keep up at times because of school and dumb life things that I wish would just disappear for five seconds so I could have some peace. I will be posting a really long vacation life post either Saturday or Sunday when I get back from break (I’m in Texas right now :D) but, I just thought I’d post this in the mean time. ALSO, I got nominated for the Liebster Blog Award (I really don’t have a great idea of what that is yet. . . .I’m going to have to read it again. . .) But the first thing I’m supposed to do is thank the person that gave me it so, thank you christinayeshua. I feel like it was a bit random, but I still appreciate it. The second part is longer and I’ll post that right after I upload this one and I will do the third part which, I think, is nominating 10 others that I admire with less than 200 followers. I’ll make sure to do that as well give you a link to mine which will explain how everything goes, I suppose. Happy Spring to those with warm weather and many apologies for those still living in the cold.

– – – –

Also, I’ve been having a lot of errors lately. I get that it’s my responsibility to keep watch on that, but I’m only human and I miss things. If you see it, say it, I would appreciate it.


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