Bitch Mondays: Speeches

I’m terrified of speeches and there are a few reasons why:

#1: I don’t like being looked at

#2: I get nervous when I am the main focus

#3: Talking to human beings in general makes me slightly nervous on a daily basis

I just recently got a speech back from my communications class and I got a B-. . .the teacher decided to be extra nice to me. . .My first speech, I actually got an ‘A’, but that’s because my topic was way more personal and I was comfortable with it. The second speech I chose a topic that A: I wasn’t passionate about and B: I was no where near experienced or comfortable with. It was on batteries. . .which isn’t really my expertise. . . .I almost died giving that speech and I’m lucky to come out of it with a ‘B-‘. . .if I picked something I knew more about, I would have died a little less, and probably would’ve ended up with an ‘A’, but that ‘A’ would’ve came from the writing, not the performance. . .because I’m not good at it. . .which I’m okay with because I’m going to be a Medical Examiner so. . . .I won’t have to give speeches O.O


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