Tuesday Topic Deviation: Ice Tea

I know. . .you’re probably thinking ‘we’re not out of winter yet, and you want to rave about something iced?. . .did your brain go on vacation or something?’ No. . .no, it didn’t and I appreciate the concern, but there’s this ice tea called Pure Leaf Lemon Ice Tea. . . .and. . .it touches my soul in too many ways. . .I’d probably have to protest if they took it out of stores. It’s refreshing, seemingly healthy, (the ingredients are debatable), and it has lemon in it. . .I love lemon. . .I should’ve waited to talk about this for Praise Thursday, I just felt so passionate about today because I’m not feeling the best in terms of self esteem and it just gives me a slightly less poopy disposition. So if you’d like a less poopy disposition, drink it šŸ˜€


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