I usually get the notification through my e-mail on my phone and let me tell you. . . .I feel pretty amazing when it happens 😀 It’s kind of like when you have a crush and you give them your number and they actually text you back and you get butterflies in your stomach and feel like this cuddly bear of a human being because every message is like a hug. Yeah. . .I just got real. . .maybe too real. . .but for every one that has followed me or liked the things that I write, thank you. I do this for fun and you guys just watch whether it’s terrible or not, so it’s pretty cool. I’m not looking for much approval either, even though I have tried more just because there are more people who like this. . .whatever it is, it’s definitely something I do for giggles and shits that you lovely people appreciate it, so thank you for that 🙂


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