Topic of the Week: No Topic . . .

. . . because there won’t be any posts this week besides this one telling you that there won’t be any. . .:D

I’m going to be really busy this week and even more busy next week. My plan was to make posts for next week because next week’s the week of valentines day and I had some cool and funny ideas, but KNEW I would have no energy to do them because of the result of both last week and this week. . .if that makes sense . . .so this week I’ll be pre-writing posts and junk for next week in my small window of free time so that all I have to do is press an upload button the week of valentines day. In the mean time, I’ll also be coming up with better ideas for other weeks to come because last week I was a combination of the flu and an empty tank of ideas. Hopefully my ideas go great and I hope anyone who read this has a good/fantastic/awesome/wonderful/amazing week. . .at least, do it for me because my next two week will be absolute shit.


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