My Life: If You’re Interested. . .

My life has been busy, so busy, in fact, that I haven’t made a life post in about two weeks. . . .life has just been too much. . .but my week was decent and overrun with less fun, which is always good because. . .I have school work that seems to be endless lately. By the way, the picture below is me with red lipstick. . .as you can see, I look weird lol but I tried to make an attempt to look nice today. Spring break is coming soon and I’m kind of excited. I mean, I’m happy that I get to see my family again, I just hoped that I would be spending it with my best friend. I was and still am really upset because I haven’t seen her since November and I miss her with a passion. We’re extremely close and college was a weird start knowing that she wasn’t just a 10 minute drive away. We’ve done long distance before, this has just been the longest I’ve gone without seeing her in awhile and it hurts my feelings that I can’t. I thought about it today while I was giving plasma, and nearly cried. . .I’m just a really big baby, I guess.


Song of the Week: Apply Some Pressure by Maximo Park

I haven’t posted one of these in a while, but . . .that’s okay 😀 This song I happened to stumble upon while messing around on YouTube. I’d already listened to Maximo Park’s song Graffiti and fell in love with it, so when I found this you can imagine that I managed to fall in love again. I loved the song and video and the meaning behind it, which I may or may not be wrong about (open for interpretation), but if you have nothing taking up your time, listen to it.

Here’s the YouTube link fi you’re interested in the video:

Praise Thursdays: Red Lipstick

I will confess that as much as I look like Ronald McDonald’s sister in it, I love it and am continuing to learn how both use it and make it look better on my face. I have big lips (courtesy of my mother) and I have trouble both shaping and lining my lips, but no matter how odd it looks, I still wear it in the most appropriate times and as much as I can IF I can. It’s an incredibly rich and sophisticated color of lipstick, whether it’s dark or bright. It’s absolutely gorgeous on people that are equally or more gorgeous and is a really fun color to play with. I don’t wear make up to impress or make myself look better, I wear make up for fun, it’s like adult finger paints for me, so red lipstick is like a big red crayon haha

Banana Cookies

Banana cookies are another easy to make cookie that doesn’t require much ingredients. My family (besides my mom) loves bananas, so we’d buy a lot at once and end up having too much to handle. That’s where the cookies came in handy. . .here are the ingredients you’ll need:

-ground cloves
-baking soda

This is the link that will tell you exact measurements of ingredients and directions:

I didn’t bother adding cloves and walnuts. I have a little brother who hates nuts and we rarely buy cloves in my house. They tasted just as yummy without them.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I don’t have a particular recipe for this one (usually I just use the recipe on the back of the flour or box of raisins) but the site that I reference for many of the things I bake is AllRecipes, which is one of the best web sources for baking recipes as well as recipes for meals. Here’s the link for those that are interested in using it:

Typical ingredients for oatmeal raisin cookies are:

-brown sugar
-baking powder
-nuts (optional)
-and baking/instant oats

Usually, you don’t want to used instant oats (the consistency tends to be mooshy, so, if you can manage to find oats for baking, that’s good) there’s not necessarily anything wrong with instant oats, just make sure you’re using a recipe that calls for them because it most likely will give you the correct amount of ingredients to balance it out.

Tuesday Topic Deviation: Ice Tea

I know. . .you’re probably thinking ‘we’re not out of winter yet, and you want to rave about something iced?. . .did your brain go on vacation or something?’ No. . .no, it didn’t and I appreciate the concern, but there’s this ice tea called Pure Leaf Lemon Ice Tea. . . .and. . .it touches my soul in too many ways. . .I’d probably have to protest if they took it out of stores. It’s refreshing, seemingly healthy, (the ingredients are debatable), and it has lemon in it. . .I love lemon. . .I should’ve waited to talk about this for Praise Thursday, I just felt so passionate about today because I’m not feeling the best in terms of self esteem and it just gives me a slightly less poopy disposition. So if you’d like a less poopy disposition, drink it 😀