‘Praise’ Thursdays: Knitting

I. . .officially. . .love. . .knitting O.O I wanted a knitting set for my birthday, but my parents got me everything except for that ONE thing I wanted, so I went to Walmart and had a friend of mine who can knit help me pick out needles and yarn. Ever since I started. . . . I can’t stop . . .It’s so calming and peaceful and I feel accomplished when I look down at what I’ve done and seen that I’m making actual progress. It’s my new distraction *O*


4 thoughts on “‘Praise’ Thursdays: Knitting

  1. Try being a cat person and learning to knit. Those jokes are even better. HAHA. But yeah, I just started teaching myself how to knit after years of trying and giving up. It’s great. Go ahead and push yourself to make socks. Its a new kind of challenge.

  2. this is a useful activity, i think it’s a good thing to know how to knit. In my place, you can knit things for newborns in public maternities hospitals, for example.

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