I was a pretty big fan of Barbie. . .and by fan, I mean I liked to take their clothes off and behead them . . .I was a terribly frightening child and didn’t do too well at up keeping toys. At one point, I questioned why my parents bothered because, as small as I was, I still had enough of the capacity to understand that me + toys = really dumb idea. . .I think, at the time, they just liked spoiling me.

Barbie was an idea that came from the wife of the co-founder of Mattel, Ruth Handler. She had suggested a more adult like version of a doll to her husband. He wasn’t to keen on the idea, until his entire family went on trip to Germany and Ruth saw a doll with the exact idea she had in mind. Mattel worked with this idea, and although there were many parents who didn’t like the idea of adult like dolls for children, it continued to grow in popularity and was modified as time went on.



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