Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cubes. . .you really can’t live without them. . .When I was little, I’d spend hours trying to figure them out and then make my mom finish my cube because she was way better at doing it. . .I was that kind of kid . . .

Before the official model, there were a few patents for this particular idea. Larry Nichols had created a 2x2x2 model that was held together by magnets, Frank Fox a spherical 3x3x3 model, and Ernő Rubik created the 3x3x3 cube model we know today. Although both Larry Nichols and Frank Fox made theirs in the early 70’s, Ernő Rubik created his in the mid-1970’s as a model for his students to understand 3D objects in the Interior Design class he taught. Not until he was forced to have to realign the model he made, did he realize it was a puzzle. He then got a patent and named it, ‘Magic Cube’ and then ‘Rubik’s Cube’ in the 1980’s and it became extremely popular in Budapest and even popular when it was sent out worldwide.’s_Cube


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