‘Praise’ Thursdays: Pizza

If my body still had the room it did long ago to eat large amounts of food to no end. . .I could eat five pizzas. . .I could do it. . . .I love pizza. People say they love pizza, but not like me. . .I’d . . .climb a mountain for pizza and eat it everyday of my life and I almost did it one time and I never got tired of it. I’m that in love with pizza. On campus, there’s a pizza place called Cousin Vinnie’s and they make THE BEST garbage pizza (garbage pizza is pizza with green peppers, onions, olives pepperoni, sausage, and sometimes bacon depending on where you get it. . . .it’s glorious *O*) I’d most likely do about anything for pizza. . .as long as it wasn’t degrading. . .or something that I would regret. . . .


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