Bitch Mondays: Being Mistaken For Your Parents

I’m sure someone can relate with me when I say that being mistaken as your parents or your parents spouse is awkward. . . .just a little bit. . .

In high school, I spent much of my time with my dad and sometimes I’d go out with him in public places and people would think I was his wife or mistake me for my mom. Granted, I look a lot like my mom, but . . .I still don’t want to be mistaken for her because I think it’s weird. My mom’s a really beautiful woman, I just think it’s really odd and strange when people mistake me as her or think that my dad is my husband. For example, I went to get a check up at the doctor with my siblings last summer and my mom couldn’t come, so my dad took us. We all piled into the room and one of my siblings starts his check up and the doctor looks to my dad and says:

“Will your wife be filling out a form for your son or you?”

I was so confused at first because I thought,’My mom isn’t here. . .’, but then the light bulb clicked and my dad laughed and said, ‘No, I’ll be doing that, this is my daughter.’ The doctor was embarrassed and. . .I felt awkward . . . . .

Maybe I’m the only one who’s slightly bothered by this, but. . .with the picture I’ve tagged on to this, again, I do look a lot like my mom, so it’s just something that will continue to happen. . .


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