Tuesday Topic Deviation: Hashtags

This will be more of a rant because I’m so physically ill from this STUPID trend. . .

Hashtags. . .I don’t like them, if you couldn’t tell by the tone of the previous sentence. I understand why they exist, I know what they mean, I just feel they don’t need to be there. Why create something that really, you could’ve just said without a pound sign? I mean. . .maybe I’m just lame and I don’t like things like this. Granted, some I don’t mind. This would be a good example:

‘Just watched a concert #musicislove’

I’m probably, and most likely am, more bothered by the ones that tend to be more excessive.

Went to Chipotle #livingthelife #justgotpaid #tastesgood


Had a dentist appointment #ew #fingersinmymouth #scary #dirtymouth


Spent 20 minutes in the bathroom #toomuchgas #shit #don’tgointhatbathroomnow #thesmellwillkillyou #datass

. . . .Okay, the last one was an exaggeration, but you get it. . .


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