Bitch Mondays: Being Shallow

I was way more shallow when I was in middleschool going into my first year of highschool than I am now. Many of those shallow feelings were never really pointed toward other people, only myself. I was under the impression that I was not ‘admired’ by boys because of how I looked or how big I was and it took a good friend to slap the living bird fecal matter out of me in my freshmen year of highschool and tell me that what was on the outside didn’t matter and that the inside was a direct reflection of who you are on the outside. The more I realized this, the worse my self esteem was because I realized how much of what was inside of me I didn’t like and instead of changing that, I wallowed in self pity. The funny thing is I was surrounded by people that actually really liked my personality and the only thing they hated was my low self-esteem.

Personally, as I’ve grown up, I’m no longer in a mind frame where I think I’m a bad person and I try to be a better person as much as I can. I don’t think I’m incredible, I’d rate myself in some areas as average, but I’m definitely not terrible. I’ve always seen others differently. I’ve never really called anyone ugly, and if I have, it’s because something about their personality that made them look unattractive. You could have the greatest looking girl/guy in the universe, but if what’s inside them isn’t up to par with the rest of them, I don’t see the reason in giving them the time of day. Good looks don’t last very long, especially when they’ve been artificially enhanced.

I have no right to judge someone necessarily, whether it be physical or personality wise because I’m clearly not a Victoria Secret model, nor am I the greatest person to get to know. I believe everyone has something beautiful to offer, and you shouldn’t put a label/rating on someone based on looks before you get to know them. It’s wrong and stupid. Think about how you would feel if someone decided to base you off of looks alone and how that would make you feel and imagine being surrounded by people that only cared about how you looked 24/7: it would kind of suck.


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