Weekend Waker: Pandemic 2

Do you feel angered by a continent/country that has never directly done any harm to you in the least by infecting them with a lethal disease you design yourself. . . .that silence I just heard sounds like a ‘yes’, so PLAY PANDEMIC 2! A game where you can create your own disease and spend time infecting the world with it and killing people in the process. Object of the game is to infect and kill the world and if you don’t have patience for it. . .don’t play it. It’s definitely something to do while you’re working on something else on the computer, but sometimes if you don’t keep your eye on it, you’ll end up finding that one country has decided to close down their shipyards if you used rats as your vector . . .(It’s ALWAYS New Zealand . . .or Madagascar. . .) As you can see, I play A LOT in my free time. . .


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