My Life: If You’re Interested . . . . .

So, I’ve spent about nearly a week trying to leave home and get back on campus and school has practically started already (with the exception of two days during the week that were canceled because of the crazy weather). Yesterday I FINALLY got on it and it was my first time flying, so I was scared and hoping that I could sleep through it. I only managed to sleep through half the flight and I think the amount of worry pent up inside of me decided to give me a headache and I did not manage to have a flight that was comfortable because I was concerned about my physical well being (I had also watched the first Final Destination the day before. . .all I could envision in my sleep was the side of the plane exploding and people just flying out of the air into the ground. . .)

When my flight was over, I had searched for my aunt and my luggage. I only managed to find one of my bags and they lost my violin. My aunt nearly killed the poor man who was attempting to help us after we found it was missing. I tried to take over and give him the information he needed so my violin could be found and sent to my dorm. I can only hope I get it back because if I don’t. . .well. . .orchestra is definitely one class I won’t be having this semester. . .and my dad will not be so happy. . .(He had to pay for it. . .). Thinking that despite all this, I’d be able to get back to school yesterday, turns out I’d have to wait another day due to my aunt having work overnight and not being able to take me yet. Seeing that I only had two classes today and it was the first week of school, I wasn’t worried about it, but. . .I kind of wanted to be back as soon as possible :/

Thinking of this positively, I got a free week of vacation and I haven’t had much to do, reason being why my posts have come in at about 3 AM. Honestly, the amount of followers and likes I’ve had this week is the most I’ve had on here . . .ever O.O I appreciate those currently following and those who’ve liked things. I’m not planning to have many (I never really do. . .), but it’s great that my efforts to make something of this blog has actually started to make a difference.

For anyone with ideas on how to make this blog better or just ideas in general (I’ve had a few given to me that I really liked), I have a separate page just for that purpose. All you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom and if I choose to use an idea, I will not only use it, but give you credit for it (it’s only fair *shrug*). Again, thank you all who have followed my blog and to those who have been there since I started it in the first place, you are strong. . .strong people *tear*

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