For those of you who don’t know why I’ve said ‘NEW POST ALERT!’ three times largely in obnoxious caps is because if you’re a DailyGrace fan then you need to know that . . .DailyGrace no longer exists O.O

*cricket* *cricket*

HAVE NO FEAR! 😀 because Grace Helbig has created a new YouTube series on a different channel called It’sGrace! and it’s guaranteed to be good, if not, better. The channel is called Grace Helbig and she’s posted two videos already.

Also, if you’re curious as to why DailyGrace is dead, to make a long and more in depth story short, her contract with My Damn Channel came to an end, so she no longer has rights to Daily Grace itself because they own it, not her. Since her time has been up, My Damn Channel has continued to put up Grace’s old videos and there’s been some confusion among fans because some are still under the impression that DailyGrace will continue when it won’t. I’m here to say that it’s dead, but there’s something else even better in its’ place, so go to YouTube and watch it and if you haven’t ever heard of Grace Helbig go educate yourself and watch It’sGrace on her new channel. Your life will be better in so many ways. . . .


ALSO, my friend has a blog called GeneticallyRandom and will be posting/already has posted something more in depth on this topic. She also writes posts that are very funny and it would benefit your health to read them. . .go now, go make your health better 🙂


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