Tuesday Topic Deviation: Influence

It’s extremely powerful and, depending on who we are, how we think, and what we do, it can a take a turn for the worse or the better. I think we all have the idea that we live on our own accord, but clearly, we don’t. Many of our actions are fueled by the things we see, what environment we live in, the people we surround ourselves with, and the endless list of whatever you’d like to fill in the rest of those blanks with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to say that absolutely EVERYTHING shapes us. I’m not a firm believer that if you pick up a video game, like Dead Or Alive (fighting game), and play it for a majority of your life that you’re going to end up going and fighting any person that happens to be in resemblance to any of the characters and jumping off of high inclined places to land perfectly on the ground again. No. . . .if you jump off a cliff as high as you do in that game, you’d have very broken legs. I’ve never really been sucked into the idea that things like music, games, and/or other things influence us. They’re merely a reflection of our influences. You can choose to take that as literally as you’d like, but I’d suggest that you take it as lightly as you possibly can. How we do things and what we decide to like/dislike in this world is all based on the influences in our life. Just because some guy listens to heavy metal, I don’t immediately assume he is A) angry B) upset or C) disgruntled in life. Although that music kind of sometimes sounds like those three things, that doesn’t make me really look at the person the same way I would the music. If anything, depending on the song and what it stands for, and the amount of skill that goes into the genre, I’d just say the person has a more experienced and fine tuned ear than myself, seeing as I can’t listen to a ton of metal music because I’m not extremely into it. . .I’ve tried.

It’s easy to be bogged down by influences that aren’t really anything but extensions of them. Being able to pull true influences from our life and actually be able to see how they’re affecting ourselves and others helps us grow as people. If we catch the bad influences, then that leaves room for good ones and if we catch good ones, it allows us to expound on those particular influences to better ourselves and others. It’s a new year so, attempt to extract the bad influences and let the good ones take over. I think you’ll probably be thanking yourself profusely for it in the long run.


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