This week’s topic is something that everyone likes. . .hopefully. I really don’t think I’ve met anyone in this life who doesn’t like candy, but if you don’t I would suggest not reading my blog for three days because that’s pretty much what all of my blog posts will consist of. I’ll start with talking about Hershey because I’m a big fan of Hershey chocolate bars (I could stuff 50 in my mouth if I could really muster the courage. . .)

The maker of the Hershey Company as a whole, for those who don’t know, was Milton Hershey. Milton Hershey had started a candy shop at the age of 18 that failed, causing him to work at a company that made caramel. He then had managed to get a hold of chocolate making machinery from Germany that allowed him to create a company that sold chocolate covered caramels, hot chocolate, and many other sweet treats based off of the business he had made for himself after leaving the caramel company he was employed at originally. This eventually culminated into the well known brand of chocolate bars and other candy treats.

Here’s a few facts that might interest you about the company and the candy:
-In 1909, Hershey founded a school for orphaned boys that provided them with school supplies, medical care, clothing, and dental care. In fact, Milton Hershey left a majority of his fortune to continue funding this school after his passing

-It’s said that kisses got their name because of the distinct sound that the machines make when the chocolates are made.

-Chocolate and other candies in the 1900’s were once seen as a luxury because only those who were wealthy could afford it. Milton Hershey believed that everyone should be able to enjoy a treat and priced his candy at 5 cents.

-There’s a park dedicated to the legacy of Milton Hershey and the company itself in Pennsylvania. . .I did not know this until I looked it up and would very much like to go there now O.O


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