Bitch Mondays: Expensive Clothing Stores

I don’t like them . . .I mean, who really likes spending 20 dollars on one t-shirt that looks like you could’ve made it yourself. . .I know I don’t. This is usually how they get you. . .

1) Label

Most people have a tendency to shop by brand because they’ve either A) heard it’s great from a friend/family/tv B) have seen a celebrity wearing that brand or C) know that it’s terribly popular in their area

Clearly. . .clothing brands take advantage of this and increase the price because they know that the only thing really running the clothing brand is the name. There’s a TON of people who buy something from Abercrombie and Fitch just because of the name no matter what it looks like. It could have a picture of a butt on it, and people would still buy it for 30 dollars.

2) ‘Sales’

I used quotations because they’re merely a scam. . .a large un-intricately crafted scam. An example would be when some stores give you a discounted price up against the original price. Now, because of the ‘drastic difference’ you think to yourself ‘oh, well I must be getting a pretty good deal’ but no, my friend, no, you are NOT getting a good deal. . .in fact, the deal your getting is far from good. If a simple pair of jeans that would normally cost you 15 dollars at a normal department store cost you triple that and they merely take off 10-12 dollars off that price, it’s still a big hole left in your wallet at the end of the day. . .Think about it. . .

3) Advertisements

How many girls have seen a Victoria Secret Angel and not thought ONCE, just once, ‘I wonder what I’d look like in those. . . .e.e’ . . .It’s okay to admit you have and those type of commercials are clearly focused toward men as well because what dude sees that and doesn’t think ‘I wonder what my wife/girlfriend would look like in that. . .e.e’ . . .It’s been done before. You put a pretty face and a nice body in a large vat of feces and people would still rush to the nearest fecal matter store and buy it. . .it’s just human nature. We like things that look good, thing about me is. . . .I don’t have a wallet fat enough to want it that bad *points to face* reason why I don’t model. . .and why I have the same pairs of jeans from the beginning of my freshmen year of highschool . . . .


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