Late Night Drawing: Practice

I haven’t drawn anything in awhile and I wanted to see if I still had it in me. . .I do. . .sort of O.O I decided to do a pin up of Marceline of Adventure Time. Her guitar is kind of boring and plain (I’m running out of prismas and didn’t know if the little red nub I had left would fill it in . . .) but I’m pretty satisfied with how Marceline came out. I needed a practice drawing to get my hands going again so I could do a concept my dad proposed to me. I’m still. . .trying. . .to find. . . a male reference O.O but when I do, I can start that and now that I’ve done a little drawing warm up, I feel more confident about actually starting an outline for that said concept. Referring to the picture I just finished of Marceline, this is the first pin up I’ve ever drawn. Usually, most of the women I draw are partially exposed anywaaaaay. In this picture, though, there’s definitely more skin shown than the usual.


6 thoughts on “Late Night Drawing: Practice

  1. this is a nice try. that kind of pose is not easy to draw. back shoulders, hips are nice. the half of the face should be worked again (check the lips for instance, you should have only the half visible). About the guitar it’s a technical drawing so you must be more strict (for example draw the lines with a graphic art ruler). about the male reference, well, give a precise pose it’ll be more easy to help 😉

    1. I actually managed to find a male reference. It took some time and patience, but I managed to find it and thanks. I haven’t drawn in awhile and I didn’t pick something easy to start with, but it was a nice challenge. I didn’t get too technical with guitar because I knew I would have any of the colors I need for it and her actual guitar isn’t extremely complex so I awkwardly abandoned it lol but thank you for your feed back, I’ll keep that in mind when I start working on some other things.

  2. you’re welcome, drawing is like everything, it needs a lot of training. I’m actually drawing a famili portrait for a friend, and damn, i do it again and again without success… but sooner or later i’ll catch it! 🙂 so you find a living model?

      1. nice, if you managed to have a nude model, it’s difficult! i’m looking forward to see the result 🙂

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