I don’t actually make resolutions. . . .I make promises that I keep for the most part inside of my head and most of them are just a part of my moral code. Some I just add as personal improvement ‘starters’. First, I mentally list all the ways the year has changed me as a result of certain events. It starts like this:

As a result of the year, I am now a person who. . .

1) still dislikes alcohol . . .college didn’t change me

2) hates the sound of people eating (I wear headphones in the cafeteria)

3) enjoys experimenting with coffee

4) wears make up more often

5) spends more than 15 minutes getting ready in the morning

6) LOVES Daily Grace

7) likes naps. . .a lot

8) has acquired an obsession with bagel bites

9) still is very socially awkward

10) is willing to put up with more shit than they thought. . .I should work in customer service 🙂

11) has realized that Funfetti brownies are the center of my universe (*whispers* thank you, Grace Helbig)

12) likes hugs, I got a lot of them this year

13) is more prone to trying to fix the bad things in their life and add good things

14) will be more apt to concealing and guarding my feelings from people I don’t know as well

Now is when I list a few things that I could work on, or that I want to do.

#1: Be a better person

-I always feel like this one is an every year thing. You can’t ever be too good of a person, there’s always room for improvement.

#2: Be healthier

-For me, this doesn’t exactly remain restricted to ‘physical health’. I have a tendency to make myself feel terrible in times when I feel as if I have no solution or I feel that I’m at my lowest, which, to me, is very unhealthy. My self esteem has gotten better, but there are things about it that are no where near desirable.

#3: Create a new hobby

-I usually acquire some new hobby to distract from something that’s bothering me and I already know it’s going to be nail art, because I’ve become so interested in my nails . . .

#4: Watch what you say

I feel like I tell myself this every year, and this is the first year I did it 😀 Now, granted, on here I have no filter. I don’t even put asterisks on my curse words, I just curse and MANY of the things I say are always, for the most part, said jokingly, but I think I need that extra step this year to watch what I say on the internet as well as in the world.


-I have a hard time focusing when I have to worry/think about many things at once. Hopefully, I can fix that.

#6: Peace

-I pray for it every year and haven’t really mastered it. I will one day.

#7: Stability

-I feel like I can actually attain that with some hard work and I could start with my very unstable blog. . . .

This is my resolution/reflection. Again, a happy New Year for those who have already reached January 1st and a happy partying for those who are like me, and are a few hours away *raises glass of sparkling non-alcoholic cider* have a good time and don’t get arrested . . .please.


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