More Cartoons

Time to finish the cartoon tornado I started. . .even though it wasn’t much of a tornado. This one will mostly be opinion based and non-informational considering what I wrote before this was erased because I rebooted my phone and it got rid of it *wags fist at technology*

1) Courage the Cowardly Dog

This is a cartoon that USED to come on Cartoon Network. It technically still comes on when they show Cartoon Planet, but that doesn’t satisfy my needs as a cartoon watcher. This cartoon’s about a farmer and his wife who take in a dog. The town they live in is known for weird happenings and it’s ‘up to Courage to save his new home’ (that’s a quote from the theme that explains the basic story line):

Opening Theme:

I think it should come back because it’s a unique cartoon. Not only did it provide normal child-like humor, but the quality of animation and creativity was actually admirable. All the creepy new people the creators came up with were kind of cool and well thought out. It was a tame creep factor for kids that doesn’t really exist anymore. With most things you either pee your pants from laughter or shit in them from fear *shrug*

Here are some interesting theories to go along with this colorful cartoon:

2) Johnny Bravo

This one is about a douchebag that lives with his mom. . .he’s really stupid too. Every woman he tries to pick up beats the living human feces out of him and he’s nice occasionally when he’s not being self absorbed.

I loved watching him get the crap kicked out of him and found it funny how he talked and looked and walked like a cheesy fake elvis. He wasn’t the best role model, but . . .I’d let my future adopted kids watch it O.O

3) The Flinstones

It’s a classic. . . .go on Netflix and watch it . . .convince writers to make a different version and bring it back. . . .

4) Futurama

Although this would be considered an ‘adult cartoon’, in comparison to today’s crude humor, it’s practically a children’s show. Another cartoon pooped out by the FOX Network, it was about a guy named Fry who is cryogenically frozen for thousands of years to wake up later in a more futuristic society. In need of a job, he finds his nephew, who’s much older than him, that runs a delivery service and begins working for him. . .if I explained that wrong, it was because I was using a source known as my memory. . .you can’t find that on google.

I THOUGHT it should come back before they tried a few months ago to bring it back. Now I know better. . . .

I hope the New Year is good for EVERYONE and that anyone takes the time to check out some of these cartoons. Don’t drink. . .a lot. You can eat as much as you want. . .as long as you have the metabolism that can break the food down so you aren’t terribly constipated the day after.

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