Real Estate Advice From Someone Who Has And Never Will Be a Realtor

For the amount of viewers I have *ehem* (not many, but that’s my fault. . .) Please look at this blog. . .it’s funny and original. . .and funny O.O and a lot more creative probably than anything I can muster in my entire body. This person doesn’t have many posts yet, but they will . . .so follow them

Genetically Random

Ever dreamed of being a realtor? Me neither! Here’s helpful hints I think are essential to making it in the business.

One: Mildew and pet stains are not as big of a deal as you might think. Feel free to Febreze that sh*t. The price of new carpeting can’t compare to a bottle of nature’s finest. Besides, have you seen those commercials with the blindfolds?? They’ll never know the difference.

Two: To keep buyers interested, nothing keeps the chase going like a little mystique. Hold an open house and invite the buyers. When they walk up the porch, slam the font door in their face and tell them the house is suddenly closed. Just remember to shout out your email from the window as they go back to their car in confusion.

Three: It’s always a good idea to add personality to the house you’re selling. Most people like pets…

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