New Years

That’s coming soon đŸ˜€ (I just wanted to be a reminder to those who forgot, even though I feel like it’s not that hard to remember . . .). A few days before New Years, I’ll be posting cartoons and there creators and which ones were good this year and which ones were. . .well. . .let’s not talk about the bad ones, let’s just focus on the good. I only picked a few, since there’s literally 4 days until New Years:

1) Adventure Time

2) Regular Show

3) Bob’s Burgers

4) Something else that I’ll figure out eventually, but most likely the day before . . . .

I’ll admit, these are cartoons that I like, that many people don’t. So I also have a few old cartoons that, if they could only make more of them in 2014, I think the age of cartoons could actually be saved -_-”

1) Courage the Cowardly Dog

2) Johnny Bravo

3) The Flinstones

4) Dilbert

5) Futurama (they tried to bring it back. . .it didn’t work so well. . .)

That’s what’s to come for the next few days and for the New Year, I was just going to list a bunch of shit that’s changed about me from last year into this one, which, you wouldn’t think would be too many, but people change O.O


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