Markus Zusak

An author I’ve been trying to talk about for the last month or so is Markus Zusak, the writer of the Book Thief. Surprisingly, there’s not much to say, but most of it is still very important.

For those who haven’t read the Book Thief, the only thing I can really tell you without giving it all away (because I’m terrible when it comes to not giving things away when it comes to books/movies. . .) is that the book is placed in WWII and focuses on the life of a girl during that time. . . if I go on, than I’ll just ruin everything. The interesting thing about this book is that Markus Zusak was able to connect many elements of his parent’s lives during that period and put them into his work. Hans Huberman (one of the care takers of the girl in the story) is a house painter, similar to his father’s job as a house painter when Zusak was younger. A few marching scenes in the story are taken from stories given by his mother of both the prisoners and Hitler youth.

Originally, Zusak actually wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and become a house painter, but later found a greater interest in writing. In the early 2000’s (and slightly earlier) he began writing young adult fiction. He was often very nervous about everything he wrote and would have to write while also pretending that there wasn’t actually an audience reading his material. The book I mentioned, The Book Thief, was published in Australia in 2006 first before actually reaching the international public and, to no surprise, it became popular instantly. Markus Zusak also wrote books such as:

-The Messenger (2002)

-The Underdog (1999)

-Fight Ruben Wolfe (2001)

-When Dogs Cry (2002)

I would give his work a try. He’s an extremely creative author that’s good at pulling you in and taking you somewhere you didn’t think was even possible to escape to. Give it a try 🙂 please. . .


Grade Saver:

The Guardian:


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