Things I Learn @ 2AM

1) Coffee picks and chooses when it wants to help me sleep

2) It’s a lot colder in my sister’s room when I’m awake to feel it

3) The #NOFILTER Vancouver show with Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart is on Youtube and I’m staying up to watch it:

*points to BFF* you’re welcome O.O. . . .

4) After 2:30, everyone actually goes to sleep in the house. . .shocker

5) I need to stretch more. . .I feel like I have rocks wedged in my back

6) I want to sleep, but I can’t

7) My BSSO (Ball State Symphony Orchestra) concerts might actually be on Youtube. . .neat

8) I like to make lists . . .I have so many

9) I can lay down in my new headphones *gasp*

10) The less sleep I get, the more comfortable the floor I sleep on feels

11) I have to get on a flight in a week. . .but I’ve never been on a plane. . . .I feel like the experience will end in vomit

12) My prayers have a tendency to roll into in depth conversations

13) I can give plasma at the BioLIFE center near my school for money and probably earn about $40 a week if I go twice a week (there’s a minimum time you can go per week. . .I know this because my dad gave plasma over the summer when we needed stuff). . . .still got money and jobs on the brain

14) Redbull is just flat Sprite. . .or at least that’s what it tastes like

15) Cadavers poop and breathe depending on time of death. . .I’m going to have fun with that

16) Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer would probably create a great improvement in my life if it wasn’t a seasonal grocery product

17) I love Grace Helbig. . .she brightens my mornings with joy

+I REALLY can’t sleep. . .I have it bad, and I’m choosing to make it worse by not trying. I’ll probably fall off eventually, BUT this was created in the mean time.


One thought on “Things I Learn @ 2AM

  1. best recipe to fight insomia : wake up, use a tiny light, soft one, take a book and read till you feel sleepy again. Staying eyes open in the dark is the worst thing to do. Night thoughts are pain in the a**.

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