Post Christmas

Christmas. . .was nice πŸ™‚ I ate so much food that I think it started coming out of my nose at one point and I enjoyed my gifts to the fullest. One particular gift I got I will be enjoying today and it is in the picture with the shoes. I got Blue Mountain coffee which is coffee from the Caribbean and it tastes. . .like. . .magic. . . .O.O it’s really expensive, reason being why I got it for Christmas and why I can’t buy it on a regular basis. . . .it’s so beautifully awesome. . .I also have headphones that I also enjoy very much with some army green Converse that I now worship whenever I put them on. For most of the Christmas day, my mom stayed in her room playing with the iPad Air my dad so graciously picked out for her (that thing costs an arm and a leg. . .no. . .both arms and both legs. . .I’m kind of a cheap person, as you can tell lol) and my dad spent it playing video games with my brothers. I slept so many times . . . .(we opened gifts at 5:30 in the morning. . . .) but, overall, it was good. We did more together during Christmas Eve, like play white elephant and watch movies. The white elephant thing we did are the two above pictures and me trying to be ‘Christmas Festive’, but looking a bit creepy XD lol (I didn’t realize how creepy I looked until after I uploaded it. . .it’s a nice touch XD) I watched Sinister (FINALLY!) with my dad, which was actually a good movie, but a tiny bit disappointing because it was one of those ‘you can’t kill what isn’t alive’ type situations, and the spirit demon thing wins, killing everybody. Realistic, considering that a spirit can’t be killed, but . . .you always hope the human wins, no matter how stupid they are. I barely slept the night before Christmas, as usual, and by the time I did go to sleep (3 AM) I got woken up 2 hours later. I was so incoherent that I was rubbing all of my gifts on my face. . . .I was very tired. D but that was most of my Christmas and now I have New Years to look forward to . . . .mmmm. . . .kiddie cocktails O.O (because I hate alcohol. . .my parents would probably let me drink for New Years if I wanted to, but alcohol tastes so bad :()


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