A White Christmas

This is a musical from the 50’s about a two war buddies who run into a pair of performing sisters and the pairs eventually fall in love with one another. That’s a very short and simple way to explain the movie, but the plot is a lot more complex and exciting. The singing and dance performances are phenomenal and the plot is actually kind of gripping in a none threatening/action-ish way. It’s very old and obviously there are more interesting things to watch besides this, but this is worth it. At least, I think so. The characters are extremely animated and uplifting, some more serious and other very comical and it has a variety of things that I think would appeal to many people during this time of year. Watch it on a snowy day O.O it just makes it. . .better . . .

This is a dance scene that I absolutely adore from the movie. This lady can dance SO well:


I’d watch that scene as a kid and just have my mouth wide open.

Here’s another favorite scene of mine, the song and choreography is really nice too:


And just ONE more that I think will convince anyone to watch this movie:


If you watch the movie, the last video will make sense. So. . .watch the movie O.O


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