The Year Without a Santa Claus

This movie was a HUGE favorite of mine when I was little and still is. I loved (and still love. . .) the beauty of stop motion animation. It’s honestly one of the coolest methods of animation I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m sure there are many more ways to animate that seem cooler, but stop-motion tops all of it for me. It makes me so happy, I just. . . .love it. . . .I’m sure they show it on family networks or even have it on Youtube, but if you’ve never watched it, you should. The title fully explains the plot in a nutshell: Santa realizes that children have stopped believing in him, which then escelates into him being pissed and not going out and delivering presents. Mrs. Claus, then, goes out to find some “Christmas cheer” in an attempt to show Santa that people still believe in him. Very simple, but with more singing and dancing involved.


4 thoughts on “The Year Without a Santa Claus

    1. THEY ARE! I love Tim Burton’s movies too! My family and I watch a lot of them during this time of year too. (And I watch a lot of them all year because I’m a very big kid lol)

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