It’s coming soon 😀

I’m a family person, so a majority of the time I spend during the holidays and while I’m home in general is with my family. I spend about 99.99% of the time with them. . .no breaks in between that, except for maybe when I’m sleeping/changing/going to the bathroom. During Christmas, we watch movies, and open presents, and play with said presents. Another key part of Christmas is also food 😀 My mom makes almost as much food on Christmas as she does during Thanksgiving. Sometimes more. . . Food is definitely a major staple to traditional family things. (Easter is also famous for an enormous amount of food. . .)

This week and next week, I thought I’d share some old Christmas movies I still enjoy, most of them being the cheesy clay-mation ones that mean nothing to many people now. I’ll also be posting pictures of family, our new dog, which I haven’t mentioned yet, and a few writers I really have wanted to write about, but haven’t. I’d also like to talk about some of the old portrayals of ‘Santa’ because they’re very interesting. Less modern outlooks on Santa always make a more interesting story than the one that exists now :/ some are actually extremely weird and somewhat violent. Actually, if you think about it, a large man who sneaks into your house once a year based on being able to see EVERYTHING you’re doing and dictating whether you get presents by creeping on you is . . .well. . .weird.


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