Bitch Mondays: Coming Back Home/ Travel

It’s not so bad. We have a new house, which is very nice. (My mom continues to complain about the size, but it’s what you can do with/ how you can manage the space.) It’s perfect for my family because we’re so big. The one thing that’s been a major concern about being at home is food. And, for once, it’s actually not a fear of lacking, but fear of having too much because my family likes to feed me. I’ve had so many cookies and food in the last day and a half and I know tomorrow I’m going to have to refuse some food just so I don’t become a larger whale. All of my other family tried to do that to me before I officially got home. I did have to refuse that because my stomach’s space for food has become limited within about a week of eating the right way again and watching what I eat, so. . . . .as long as I stay strong, I should actually lose the amount of weight I want to. . .

Travel was difficult. There’s at least 3 key things you need for both a 4 hour and a 15 hour drive. . .I didn’t have all of those consistently, but here’s some anyway:

SNACKS: Without this, you’ll be hungry. . .obviously. Preferably a snack where you don’t have to eat a lot of it to be satisfied. I’d suggest Gardettos or banana chips, or sandwiches or something. I was so hungry on that long drive to Texas because we barely had anything. I had A TON of banana chips in my bag from school and my dad and brother ate all of them. . . .it sucked, but they’d be hungry if I didn’t have snacks for them O.O

ENERGY DRINKS: They aren’t good for you. . .but some taste so good, it’s hard NOT to give in to the beautiful call of energy drinks. My dad isn’t an energy drink person. When he has to drive for a long time, he drinks 5 hour energies, which taste terrible, but work. I LOVE Starbucks DOUBLE SHOTS Mocha. It’s amazing in terms of taste. I need to drink two to get any kind of buzz because I’m like an elephant. It takes more than just one tranquilizer to take me down. . . .

ENTERTAINMENT: This, for most people, is music, but my dad and I spent most of the time talking and I told him many of the experiences I had during school since I haven’t seen my family in awhile. I was SUPPOSED to be keeping him up, but I fell asleep *shrug* I was extremely tired . . . That’s my excuse.

This wasn’t much of a bitching, I just sort of talked about that. . .my life isn’t exciting. . . .I know T-T . . . .


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