DIY Off the Shoulder T-Shirt

I have wanted to do this foreeeeeeeever and finally learned how to cut my shirt this way. I have a lot of old t-shirts that look like this now O.O I was going to look nice for this picture, but I have finals so. . . .*shrug* what you see is eyeliner and chapstick slapped onto my face to cover the amount of fear I’m feeling. . . .it’s that bad lol but watch this video below to learn how to cut your shirt this particular way. . . .I’m sure guys do this too. . .maybe. . .probably not. . .I really don’t know. . . .:

How To Cut the Perfect Off the Shoulder T-Shirt:


2 thoughts on “DIY Off the Shoulder T-Shirt

  1. héhé i like this “no guts no glory” lol this cut is particular for women cos it shows some part of your underwear and bra which is always sexy for a girl 😉 nice pic!

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