Music Talk: Quiet Is the New Loud Album by Kings of Convenience

I’m one of those people who like indie music, okay? I’m not a hipster, I don’t say stupid things that are ironic or wear ironic clothes, I occasionally dress indie-ish, but it’s because their clothes are cute as hell. Plus, SELF-SPOILER ALERT: I used to use indie music to calm me down when I had anxiety attacks in highschool, which is why it’s grown on me because it makes me feel calm/happy. Best friend *points to you* thanks for that 😀 The real point of this is the album Quiet Is the New Loud by Kings of Convenience that I just discovered and LOVE. I can’t stop listening to it, it just sounds like beautiful. Beautiful is my favorite adjective. If I say your beautiful, it means more than what it’s intended definition would even be able to handle. I want to live inside this album. . .that sounded weirder than I wanted it to, but I’ll leave the tracklist down here for the enjoyment of someone and hopefully someone will listen to it. . .it’s great O.O :

1. “Winning a Battle, Losing the War”
2. “Toxic Girl”
3. “Singing Softly to Me”
4. “I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From”
5. “Failure”
6. “The Weight of My Words”
7. “The Girl From Back Then”
8. “Leaning Against the Wall”
9. “Little Kids”
10. “Summer on the Westhill”
11. “The Passenger”
12. “Parallel Lines”

*tear* it’s just. . .good lol


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