DIY Beanies

I’ve been really lazy with my hair and the beanies I have made have done wonders for me because it means all I have to do is focus on my bangs and nothing else. I used video by the lovely AndreasChoice on Youtube. She makes DIY and beauty videos that I LOVE O.O (see picture either below or above the one with me in it. . .that’s her O.O she’s sooooo pretty. . .I wish I had her face. .T-T . . .lol) but she is the reason why I know how to make beanies :T I thank her for my beanie skills. Here’s the link because, once again, I’m not good with embedding codes. I always screw them up. . .:

If the url doesn’t work, just put in ‘DIY Beanies’ into the youtube search box and click the video that has ‘AndreasChoice’ on it with the title. You should see a girl with a pink beanie on.


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