I haven’t posted much theme/people related things. Most things I’ve posted have been about me because a lot of problems and issues I’ve had to sift through myself. This week, since I’ve become a middle-aged woman who watches youtube videos to do crafts and make things because she’s avoiding things in her life, I’m going to post DIY/how-to videos that were helpful and cool and funny for me O.O (see how I drew attention back to myself?. . .I’m crafty) and helpful for people who like to make things who haven’t already watched them. It’ll also get a laugh, if you haven’t laughed in awhile. I need a laugh. . .I need a laugh bad O.O again, attention is pointed BACK to me. . .I don’t know what to do with myself *shrug* this video will start you off. I’m not the best at embedding, which is why I just give links:


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