My Thanksgiving

So, originally, I was supposed to be on a plane to Texas somewhere around 11 at night last Wednesday: That didn’t happen 😦 I thought it was going to, and even after sitting out in 30 degree weather for 2 hours, I was still holding on to hope with both my arms and my legs. After getting a phone call from my mom (after I had called her 80 times before) I was told that my aunt who was supposed to pick me up at 5 had just left to get on the highway to Indiana. Even after that, I still. . .didn’t . . .give up. My parents called a few hours later saying that I would NOT be home for Thanksgiving. . .which I figured since it was already 10 at night. I waited ’til nearly 12 AM and my aunt finally got to me,I stayed with her for the night and then was fed with yummy Chinese food and taken to my best friend’s house to stay for pretty much the rest of the weekend (she was hoping I wouldn’t get home for Thanksgiving. . . .and she won that hope O.O).

After settling in, I had two Thanksgivings the next day. One at my Nanny’s (grandmother’s) house and one at my best friend’s house and after all that food, I felt like a house. . . .I almost went to a third Thanksgiving, but nearly died from the amount of turkey I had already ingested. I also visited my grandpa, which was nice. The day after, I experienced black Friday, which, even later in the day, is crowded and annoying, and dangerous. There were shoes and merchandise still on the floor from where people had scrambled through things on sale. I also got a free scarf out of it. . .it’s beautiful :3 I got to do this with my best friend and I think we now know that we should just not do that again because it was not worth it O.O things were still really expensive. Either that or I’m just really cheap. . .I think it’s a little bit of both. THEN, I went to see Thor, which was sooooooooooooo good 😀 I never watched the first one, but the second one was still good regardless. SPOILER ALERT: Loki didn’t die. . . .now you can save $7.25. . . . . Lol and if I have the stamina next week, I will be seeing the book thief O.O it’s my life’s dream and goal T-T


6 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving

  1. you’re very pretty on the upper right pic 🙂 (and, i don’t give a sh*t about your vicious spoil, i already saw Thor 2 😀 :p )

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m new to wearing lip stick, so I was self concious the entire day, but your compliment makes me feel better 🙂 and :O I’ll just have to figure out something ELSE I can spoil for you. . . .

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